How P2R Projector works

P2R Projector is driven by the practice change modelling approach developed by the Australian and Queensland Government’s Paddock to Reef Integrated Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting Program. Modelling approaches for Gully and Streambank projects are adapted from the Gully and Streambank Toolbox methods, developed for Reef Trust. The underlying modelling approaches are different for each project type listed below.

For each project created in P2R Projector, the sediment and nutrient loads are estimated for both the current and proposed management practices or erosion control activities (after changes are implemented). The difference represents the water quality improvement from the proposed project.  Pollutant load estimates are based on the underlying mapped soil type (linked to the best available match from the 5-6 modelled soil types), climatic conditions and the management practices, or erosion control activities, before and after the project is implemented (see the Great Barrier Reef Report Card – Management Practice Methods).


1. Answer a survey

About management practices before and after the project

2. Draw on the map

Draw the project area on the map with the easy click and draw map tool

P2R Projector

3. Converts survey to code

Converts the survey response to a model simulation code

4. Intersects with spatial layers

Intersects your project with an underlying soil, climate and region layer

P2R Projector survey