About P2R Projector

The P2R Projector estimates the water quality improvements of farm-scale agricultural practice change projects.

The P2R Projector is a prioritisation and project capture tool created to support groups who are working with farmers to improve their water quality. It helps to assess and refine planned projects as well as to report the achievements of implemented projects.

Who it is for

The P2R Projector is designed for project design and delivery organisations such as Natural Resource Management bodies.

Where it applies

The P2R Projector is only for the Great Barrier Reef catchments. It applies for the sugarcane and banana industries. The grain growing and grazing industries will be added soon.


Funding: Queensland Government Agencies (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of Environment and Science, and Department of Resources) and the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Modelling approach: Queensland Department of Resources and Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Conceptual design and project management: Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Application development: Truii

How development is managed

The prioritisation of new functionality and refinement is management by a steering committee chaired by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The P2R Projector steering committee meets up to quarterly (as demand requires). The steering committee considers development priorities and the timing of future functionality releases.

The P2R Projector is provided as a service by Truii Pty Ltd. Truii charges an access fee to cover the cost of development, hosting and support.