Change log

The Perceptions of Practice (AKA social survey) survey developed by the Office of Great Barrier Reef, Human Dimensions team has been implemented within P2R Projector. Perceptions of Practice surveys can be conducted from within P2R Projector at two project stages ‘Initial’ and ‘Implemented’ .

The previous release (04 November 2022), constrained the upper and lower limits of stream sediment generation, resulting in some large reductions in predicted sediment saving from riparian management. The constraints on the upper and lower limits of sediment generation have been expanded, but still exclude unrealistically high sediment generation rates.

A minor fix has also been applied where the donor inkind time field for a project was populated with the inkind cash value when a project was re-opened. The correct mapping now applies.

Changes for the Sugarcane industry in this version:

  • The method of predicting the nitrogen reduction has changed to a nitrogen use efficiency approach for selecting the underlying modelling simulation
  • Predicted nitrogen savings are more sensitive to changes in nitrogen application rates.
  • The application of mill mud no longer impacts the project scale nitrogen balance. That is, changing the mill mud application rate in the management practice survey will not result in a predicted change in project level nitrogen saving.


  • For stream bank related sediment saving predictions, we have revised down the sediment savings from large streams to be the same as for medium streams.


  • The soils layer for grain has had a very minor update to add a missing soil code to a small number of soil polygons.

Other Improvements
We have implemented:

  • the ‘spatial wrangler’ functionality to help handle large collections with overlapping projects and multiyear reporting.
  • a ‘change layer’ functionality to help handle projects that overlap with projects from previous years.
  • another export option for those with large collections to report aggregate changes in practice across catchments.
  • minor changes to export field formatting to improve compatibility with related data systems.

First version of grazing industry functionality released. Including pasture management, streambank management and gully management via input of results from the gully toolbox.

Additional functionality changes included in this release that apply across all industries:

  • A higher resolution zoom to allow more precise mapping.
  • Labelling of submitted project collections with the group they came from.
  • Better support for importing of partially completed surveys (e.g. when only the before questions have been answered)
  • Explainer page for Delivery Ratios

Paddock modelling simulations for the Grain and Banana industries are not conducted for all soils and management practice combinations in all regions. In order to allow a result to be calculated, P2R Projector maps the next most similar soil type where a simulation exists. No-results cases can still occur where there is not a suitably similar soil type with a modelling simulation.

When anything changes that should require a recalculation at the industry level, then the ‘survey version’ of projects is incremented. The activities that may require a recalculation are revisions in simulations, or changes to soil or climate mapping or management practice survey or weighting changes or delivery ratio changes. When opening or importing a collection, if the ‘survey version’ of any projects in a collection do not match the current ‘survey version’, then a popup will appear, requesting a recalculation.

Grain industry

First release of the grain industry. Covers the Burdekin and Fitzory regions only. Includes fine sediment generation only.

Banana Industry V2

Banana industry version 2 release. based on revised paddock modelling simulation to reflect updated management practice adoption survey. All existing Banana industry projects will need to be migrated to the new version. This migration occurs via an automatic detection of version when a collection is selected. A popup prompts migration.

Sugarcane Schema alignment

Question 13 of the sugarcane management practice survey was inconsistent with the numbering schema used in the Collector App. Specifically, P2R Projector had no Q13.2 response.

App Version 3

P2R Projector has been completely rebuilt and released in this major version update.

Delivery to reef

All reported water quality savings are savings at end of system. This is achieved by applying a constituent specific delivery ratio for each underlying SORCE subcatchment.  The delivery to stream values can still be determined from the detailed results download which includes the constituent delivery ratio which can be used to back-calculate the delivery to stream.

Learn more about this change

Sugar Cane industry update

The underlying sugarcane simulation yield values where revised to reflect delivery to stream. The previous version was edge of paddock delivery and significantly overestimated yield in some locations.

Submit functionality

The ability submit collections to other groups added.

NUE update

Minor change to correct an error in NUE calculation.

Sugar cane Version

New version of sugarcane modelling simulations conducted to reflected updated management practice adoption survey.

Mini-survey to aid migration

Mini-survey added to reporting table to allow batch changes in survey response for migrating surveys from version 1 to version 2 surveys

Project management functionality

Added the ability to manage projects such as splitting projects by block, copy, delete

Banana industry

V1 of the Banana industry released

Sugar cane industry

Version 1 of P2R Projector includes the sugarcane industry.

Support & feedback

If you need some support, find any bugs or odd behaviour, or would like to give us some feedback about P2R Projector please feel free to contact us.