About the survey

The Perceptions of Practices (PoP) survey is designed to capture landholders perceptions of the land management practices that they are adopting as part of the water quality project they are participating in. The insights from these surveys are used to provide project providers recommendations on how to improve project delivery and they are also used to evaluate the effectiveness of water quality improvement programs through the Paddock to Reef program.

Learn how to use the Perceptions of Practice survey functionality within P2R Projector by watching the Perceptions of Practice tutorial.

If you need to conduct the surveys off-line, you can download the perceptions of practice surveys below. The “Initial” surveys are to be conducted during the project planning phase to capture the perceptions of practice of the project proponent at the early stages of the project. The “Implemented” surveys are to be conducted at the completion of the project. The difference between the initial and implemented surveys will help to demonstrate what changes to the perceptions of practice have occurred over the life of the project.