Grazing (hillslope erosion) project computation

November 2023 release

Cattle grazing

The P2R Projector Grazing project type uses survey responses to assess the grazing management practices driving the distribution of ground cover over a project area of interest. The survey responses allow the ‘before’ (current) and ‘after’ (improved) practices to be aligned with the Reef Water Quality Risk Management Framework. This provides the opportunity to use the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) to estimate potential changes in hillslope erosion rate caused through (assumed) increases in ground cover. The assumed increases of ground cover in response to improved management practices are applied as adjusted C (cover) Factor values in the RUSLE and are taken from the matrix of C Factor Change Responses used in the Great Barrier Reef Catchment Modelling Program. This matrix varies the parameters a and b of the equation taking the form: